7227HSL – Event Coordination and Logistics – Risk Management Reflection Paper

7227HSL – Event Coordination and Logistics – Risk Management Reflection Paper

This assessment item links to course learning objectives 1 and 4. For this assessment item

you are required to reflect upon the event risk management process for a specific event.

Students will be required to select a specific event which they have attended within the

previous twelve months, and assess the risk management concerns for the event. In

completing this assignment, students will be required to introduce theory in the paper with

specific references to existing risk management models and academic research in risk and

event management. In introducing theory and research, students can complement these

academic findings with specific examples from the event upon which they are reflecting. This

assessment item links to the following graduate skills: effective communication (written),

information literacy, ability to work autonomously, and ability to undertake critical


This assignment must be completed in Report Format, and APA Format must be used for

references. Additional resources will be provided for both Report Format and APA


The following headings should appear in your report (students may add others):

 Introduction: state the purpose of your paper, introduce your event and your

experience at the event, outline the main sections of your paper

 Theory: introduce a risk management model, as well as academic literature related to

risk management to be applied to the event

 Analysis: reflect upon the risk(s) associated with the event and analyse how the

academic research could inform risk management for the particular event

 Conclusion: provide recommendations based upon your reflection and analysis to

improve the event experience

 References



The margins are 2.5 cm at the top, bottom and right side of the page, and 4 cm at the left of

the page.

Spacing & Font Size

The text should be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman.


Every book, article, and any other material cited in your text must appear in the reference list

of your report. References must be listed alphabetically by author. A minimum of five

sources must appear in your Reference List and be formatted using the 5th Edition of the

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. At least two of these must be

from refereed journal articles. In addition to these refereed journal articles you are free to use

books, newspaper articles, website references and reports. You may also be required to draw

on the more generic event management and risk management literature to build your case

assessment. All sources listed in the Reference List must be cited in the assignment.

Word Length

You will be expected to submit a written evaluation report of at least 1,000 words and no

more than 1,250 words. This does not include the table of contents, figures, table(s) or

reference list. Please note the text length on your title page.


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