7308 ENG Design of appropriate Geotechnical Foundations

7308 ENG Design of appropriate Geotechnical Foundations

Based on the information provided, using the software PLAXIS2D for numerical simulation, students need to provide a report (around 20-25 pages, excluding cover page, table of contents and references).

Design Project:
Your task is to design appropriate geotechnical foundations to carry the flowing required loadings from structural engineering design:
• Building group 1: 60 tones
• Building group 2: 40 tones
• Building group 3: 200 tones
• Shops: 2.0 tones per shop
• Coles: 25 tones
• MacDonald’s: 8 tones
• Undercover car park: 4 tones
• Swimming pool: 2.0 m depth with water

In your deign, you can consider the following steps for your design (suggestion only):

  1. Decide the number of foundations you need? Select the type of foundations such as shallow foundation
    or deep foundation or combination.
  2. Decide the location of each footing and the load it will carry.
  3. Using the computing software (PLAXIS2D) to do the technical calculation and check the factor of
  4. Discuss about your design options.
  5. Make your recommendation

Geological characteristics are vital for the subsequent design process in determining the excavation soil, as high-rise building design requires a combination of foundation design and deep excavation. Combine piles raft, raft, and piles foundation usually are the most considered types of foundation types. Generally, a minimum of the footing settlement is required to limit the damage caused by the superstructure. The subject area has some problematic soils that adversely affect the structure’s foundation, hence the building faces overall instability.

It is vital to use PLAXIS and numerical models to develop foundations with a high weight soil bearing capacity and the ground’s overall settlement. A higher factor of safety will be used in problematic areas. There is a need to determine and investigate the most appropriate method that is suitable for the areas.  Plaxis gives a numerical analysis to optimize construction and foundation design.


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