7335HSL Individual Written Report –Assessment Instructions

7335HSL Individual Written Report –Assessment Instructions

In mid 2008, Premier Anna Bligh announced that Queensland’s Gold Coast was to be endorsed as the sole Australian city to bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

A company was formed to bid for the Games, and Mark Peters was appointed as CEO.  An endorsement was received from the Australian Commonwealth Games Association, and it’s CEO Perry Crosswhite, and the process began. In 2011 the bid was announced as successful, and now the work starts.

Historically the Commonwealth Games has been held in major population centres, such as Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Glasgow, and Melbourne. The Gold Coast will be one of the first times the event has been held in a regional centre. It therefore has the potential to offer a blueprint for future games.

To ensure its success, the Gold Coast Games needs to stand out. In order to do so,

you will need to research what are the ‘compulsory events’ and to suggest an additional event which would be a worthwhile addition to the Gold Coast’s Commonwealth Games event portfolio.

Your task is to:

  • Propose a sport event for the Gold Coast  Commonwealth Games and;
  • Justify why your proposal is worthwhile based on the sport event’s ability to satisfy the expectations of / minimise disruption to key local stakeholders, and create a memorable event consistent with the creation of a lasting blueprint to support the holding of the Games in similar regional centres in future. Your proposal is to be a formal document addressed to bid CEO Mark Peters.

In order to undertake this task you must learn about the Gold Coast (for example, its key industries, infrastructure, existing events portfolio and City Council objectives). Then, in accordance with stakeholder theory, you must identify key stakeholders and their ‘stake’ (i.e. their needs / expectations of an event). You must then justify your choice of event based on its ability to satisfy the key stakeholders you have identified.


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