7335HSL Leveraging in Tour de France

7335HSL Leveraging in Tour de France

The aim of this assignment is for students, working as a team, to lead an interactive

workshop that is designed to be informative and involve other students in the class.

The assessment item is structured to assist students to practice and develop effective

oral communication skills whilst working in a team situation; skills required for

effective sport event management.

This assignment will encourage students to apply the course content, and wider sport

event management resources in a specific, in-depth and practical way. It is envisaged

that students will create interactive activities that their fellow students can be involved

in, to promote discussion of the course content in an applied manner. Through this

assignment, it is expected that students will extend the concepts presented and

discussed during the semester to sport event examples that will be of interest to their

fellow class members. In essence, each group is presenting an interactive case

study, integrating a particular sport management issue / concept with an

example event.


Students are to form into groups of 3-4 students. All students must be enrolled in the

same workshop group.

Groups are to complete a Team Charter. The Charter outlines the group’s mutually

agreed group work expectations. This Charter must be submitted to the lecturer by

Week 4 and will be used as a point of reference in the case of any disputes. It should

be detailed. Marks will be deducted if the Charter is not submitted or sufficiently


Students will have 20 minutes for their presentation. All students are expected to

contribute to the presentation. There will be 5 minutes for questions from the class at

the end, if time permits.

Students are to submit a copy of their presentation notes to the lecturer on the day of

their presentation.

Students are to provide a class handout. All students must have access to this

handout (approximately 40 students per workshop). The class handout is to be

informative and a useful point of reference to remind students about the case study

presented in the interactive group presentation.

In addition to being informative, the objective of the presentation is to involve the

class. Students are encouraged to present their material in a creative and interactive


Groups may:

– Use PowerPoint slides;

– Use appropriate props;

– Use interactive games or activities that demonstrate a point and aid in


– Use YouTube clips or other multimedia resources that aid in the presentation

of the case (but within reason, i.e. keep clips short and relevant);

– Script their presentation


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