A college education is necessary to succeed in the business world

A college education is necessary to succeed in the business world

Assignment 2: Persuasive Argument

Due: April 23, at 11:55 PM to Smart Site. See syllabus for paper timeframe.


  • Identify a topic appropriate for target audience and genre
  • Select evidence and examples
  • Conduct auxiliary research (if necessary)
  • Develop an argument (and counterargument) that presents a clear and cohesive thesis


Debunk a popular misconception—a myth, fantasy, lie or assumption—that exists in the present day. Some appropriate topics include:

  • SAT classes prepare students for college-level thinking
  • Reality television shows depict reality
  • Violent video games cause players to commit violence
  • A college education is necessary to succeed in the business world.

You must be able to draw from personal experiences, stories from peers, and research from other readings. Academic research is not required, but this may bulk up your argument substantially. Note: You can include visuals, such as graphs, charts, photos, hyperlinks to other sources, etc. 

Your piece should address the following questions:

  • What is the myth (of your argument)?
  • What makes it a myth?
  • How can it be debunked?
  • Why is it important to debunk your myth?


  • Have a clear target audience: 
    • This should be a specific group of people, one that has an investment in your myth (ie, peers, parents of teenagers or young adults, incoming college freshmen, consumers or decision-makers).  Note: “General Audience” is not ok.
  • Have a clear target genre. You may choose:
  • An editorial or opinion article
  • A professional letter to an institution/group of decision-makers
    • Note: You may propose an alternative genre (see me).
  • Word count: 900-1200
  • Title: Name, word count and an appropriate title.
  • Double-space
  • Number pages
  • Attach the “Process  Memo” (as a separate document in SS)

Assignment 2 Feedback Rubric


Instructor’s EvaluationCorresponding Portfolio Rubric Band
✔+= done very wellMeritorious (M)
✔   = done adequatelySatisfactory (SàS+)
✔-  = could use some workSatisfactory (SàS-)
✖    =  not done at all/not at passing levelUnsatisfactory (U)

______Paper follows assignment specifications

______Paper clearly addresses needs/interests of intended audience

______Paper structureis appropriate for target genre

______Style (diction, sentence types, etc.) is appropriate for target audience and genre

______Paper clearly defines and discusses a myth

______Paper effectively integratesrelevant and comprehensible evidence and research (personal experience, examples, quotes, etc.)

______Paper provides effective analysis (why the myth exists and why it’s important) that relates to the thesis

______Paper thesis is well-supported throughout the argument of the paper

______Paper is carefully proofread and edited for problems with grammar, word

choice, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics

Instructor’s Overall Evaluation of Draft (advisory):

✔+(M)                            ✔(S)                     ✔-(S)                    ✖(U)

Additional Summary Comments:

Attachment:  Assignment 2 Rhetorical Analysis Memo

Due: Same time as Assignment 2. Attach as a separate file.

What is it?

  • A short essay with several well-developed paragraphs.
  • Needs to be at least 200-300 words or more (total), double-spaced. 
  • Title: name & word count.
  • Grade: 20 pts.


For Assignment 2, you identified a problem you wanted to discuss with a specific audience in a particular format (genre). Consider the following questions (you do not need to answer all the questions, just what is useful to you):

  • What was your understanding of your audience’s needs and interests, and how specifically did this influence how you wrote your paper?
  • What was your understanding of the characteristics of the genre you chose, and how specifically did you fit your paper to that genre?
  • What did you find most interesting about this assignment? What are some strategies, lessons or techniques that you will take away for your future assignments?
  • What was challenging and/or frustrating about this assignment—and why?

Important: You do not need to answer all of the questions—just the ones that are most interesting and relevant to you.


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