All Religions Oppress Women in One Form or Another. Discuss

All Religions Oppress Women in One Form or Another. Discuss

Religion is and has been a very important human institution since time immemorial. All

human cultures have had one form of a religion or another during different epochs of their

history. Even in this day and age, religion is an important element of virtually all human cultures

and in some societies-like in the Muslim World- it is actually the philosophy and ideology that

forms the bedrock of social, economic and political life. Religious activities in all cultures bring

members of a community together, and as such religion enables individuals to experience life

since human beings are essentially social beings. While very few people can dispute the fact that

world major religions teaches their believers to do what they like others to do to them and to

shun doing to others what they would not want done to them, surprisingly many religions

directly or indirectly encourages and actually validates oppression among human beings. This

paper will discuss how religion oppresses or authenticates oppression of women in one way or


Oppression and Religion

Oppression in one form or another is commonplace among all human societies and it

entails street violence, bullying and harassment, and organized and institutionalized suppression

of individuals and groups because of reasons ranging from racial and ethnic difference, gender,

religious beliefs, wealth or poverty, sexual orientation or perceived social class (Oppy, 2014;

Andersen & Taylor, 2007). Even though the modern world is increasingly democratic and has

perpetually endeavored to embrace and institutionalize the idea of universal human rights and

fundamental freedoms, oppression is still a matter of great concern especially in the religiously-

inspired cultures (Fedorak, 2017). It still matters because it diminishes people and many victims

of oppression never recover and a majority of them end up becoming street children, drug and

substance abusers, school dropouts, suicidal, hard core criminals and others insane (McDowell &

Morrow, 2011). In the following section, this will discuss religion has helped to internalize

oppression of women in virtually all human cultures.


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