Archaeology 273 Archaeologist or Archaeological Site Biography

Archaeology 273 Archaeologist or Archaeological Site Biography

For this assignment, you must prepare detailed description of a well-known
archaeological site or archaeologist. There are plenty of them listed in your text
book and appear on maps or in the references. Biographical research is a
method that collects and examines a person’s life or a sites role within the
discipline of archaeology. You can do this by looking up who the archaeologist or
site is online and in peer reviewed publications. A biography presents the
person’s life story or for a site its role in its region or culture’s history. You should
focus on what are the highlights of such a person or place/site and how this
relates to the archaeology of the region they work in or situates.
For example, how and in what ways did the archaeologist become the scholar
they are now, or how has research at a site developed and changed over time it
has been subject to formal investigation. From this you will able to describe the
ways the person or site integrates with the discipline or region. How can this
person or place be understood in the broader social context of the developments
of archaeology?
Your biography must be double-spaced, in a standard 12-point font, standard
page margins, and can be about 2000 word long or 4 pages long. You must
also include a title page, with a title, your name, the course number, but your title
page is not included as what needs to be written for this assignment. In addition,
you will need to include a list of 4-6 references from where you gained the
information to write your biography, this does not include as part of the word or
page amount and should be on a separate page.

Keatley Creek Archaeological Site

The Keatley Creek archaeological site is situated in British Columbia, Canada. It is an important archeological site because it is vital in understanding how the cultures of hunting and gathering developed.


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