Are negative attitudes toward women declining?

Are negative attitudes toward women declining? Consider how change is measured and

incorporate your original ideas, experiences, opinion, and perspective on the issue.

Your 5-page paper must have an introduction and conclusion. You must include at least 3 outside

sources together with relevant course material. Use APA Format: properly formatted title page;

running head; page numbers; Times New Roman or Arial Font; double spacing; citations; list of


Societal attitudes towards women differ as extensively as individual members of a

society. Across all world cultures, perceptions, gender expectations and attitudes vary

considerably. In the recent decades, there has however been a significant shift in attitudes

towards women internationally as societies critically evaluate the value that women possess and

the role they should play. According to Twenge (1997), both men and women have shown a

relatively liberal attitude. This means that an increasingly bigger number of people from both

sexes now perceive the role and the place of women in the society as more equal to that of men

compared to the 1970s and before. Largely, culture is a strong indicator of how people perceive

and feel about the role, value and place of women. As such, in spite of all commendable positive

change of attitudes towards women experienced globally, it is fair to note some cultures

maintains traditional or conservative attitude towards women.

One of the most significant differences between women and men that inform people’s

attitudes towards women is the role played by each gender in the reproduction process. From a

historical point of view, gestation and menstruation have considerably influenced and narrowed

the role of women in the society. In most societies, women’s value and importance was

determined through her capability to bear children and consequently, bringing up children was

the sole focus of women’s lives. Across all world cultures, men have always tended to have an

entitlement. This entitlement to power, resources, properties, ownership and leadership begins

much earlier.


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