Babette’s Feast film review: Cast and the interesting story it elucidates

Babette’s Feast film review: Cast and the interesting story it elucidates

A review of the film Babette’s Feast ( Denmark, 1987) must consider the special collaborative elements of the film. In particular, think about the role each of the following has in the film you plan on reviewing: writing, acting, camera placement and movement, editing and music. At the very least, your review should address the What, who ,
how and why of your film. what is the movie about, what story does it tell; who stars in it, who directed it; how is the story told; why is the film good (or not ).

Babette’s feast is a film that is of Danish origin also referred to as Babettes gaestebud in the Danish dialect, and filmed on the year 1987. The film gets based on the longish-tale ‘Babette’s Feast’ originally scripted by Isak Dinesen’s final story collection ‘Anecdotes of Destiny’ in 1958. It then got placed as a short story by one Danish writer Karen Blixen in the memoir of ‘Out of Africa’ that got mostly adapted within the cinema in 1985 (Canby, 1987). The screenplay of the film got written and directed by Gabriel Axel depicting a literary movie that has a Dinesen culture prose giving particular attention to the concerns and ironies of the characters. It got produced by the Just Betzer production house company- Panorama Film international in cooperation with others that had gotten funding from the Danish film Institute. The story is staged to represent a time within the 19th Century Denmark where aged spinster sisters that are Philippa (acted by Bodil kjer) and Martine (role by Birgitte Federspiel) get presented honoring the memory of their strict preacher father.


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