Can software industry expect to contain and control software piracy without eventually relying on governments to take a more active role?

Can software industry expect to contain and control software piracy without eventually relying on governments to take a more active role? Why would the software industry dislike greater government regulation?

If containing and controlling software piracy in collaboration with governments including

those with an apparent political will is hard, then without containing the menace without relying

on government will be a mammoth task. The government plays a very critical role in curbing any

form of crime because of its endowment with adequate financial, technological, and most

important human resources. Therefore, even where software companies have efficient antipiracy

mechanisms and measures, enforcement of antipiracy laws and ratification of treaties that helps

to streamline international trade arena is necessary. Enforcement of antipiracy laws and

ratification can only be done by governments, implying that software companies cannot

absolutely operate without relying on governments.

To a certain extent, software companies cannot absolutely rely on governments taking of

an active role in the fight against software piracy. Evidence available shows that in spite of

renewed government efforts, which are a result of the determined actions of industry

stakeholders, the hide-and-seek contest between software companies and pirates has spiraled out

of control. In other words, increased government legal efforts do not necessarily imply that

software piracy will automatically decline in countries with high rates of piracy given the nature

of products that software companies primarily deal with. Digital products can easily be copied by

unauthorized persons for individual use, sale or free distribution (Daniels et al. 2008, p.113).

Besides, the kind of sophistication exhibited by counterfeiters and pirates requires more than

good antipiracy laws and their effective enforcement. Therefore, software industry should strive

to develop super sophisticated antipiracy measures and mechanisms in order to augment

government regulation. Given the ease with which wayward software technology wizards can

counterfeit copyrighted software products, there is need to find effective technological measures

and mechanisms that can consistently make different forms of software piracy impossible.

Software industry would dislike greater government regulation where it does not enhance

cracking down on of even the most controllable form of piracy.


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