Clear Cutting in Rainforest should be limited

Clear Cutting in Rainforest should be limited

Tropical rainforests are characterized by tall trees, lots of rain, and warm climate.

Some rain forests experience rains of up to one inch each day. They have a variety of

tree and animal species, they contain between 50 and 90 percent of the earth’s species

although they only cover up to 6% of the earth’s surface. From all over the world, more

than hundred million people either live in or directly depend on rainforests and most of

the domesticated animals and food crops have been developed from species in

rainforests. Due to tropical deforestation it is estimated that at least 40 plants and

animals species perish each day. This paper therefore focuses on the importance of

rainforests today, the reasons for deforestation in rainforests compared to the effects of

deforestation in rainforests and why their cutting should be limited.

Importance of rainforests

Forests are associated with many values and this should be understood by

people so that we can be in a better position to protect our forests, some of these

values include;-

Climate and the green house effect

Rainforests are like a dark mass on the earth that absorbs heat from the sun

which makes the air above it cooler hence more likely to rain. Below the dense canopy

in the forest, humidity is high and steady compared to the rest of the world, they

evaporate large amounts of water into the atmosphere which leads to formation of

clouds that cause rain again not just in the forest but some are carried away with the

wind and cause rain in other parts of the world. As rainforest clear however, they are

replaced by deserts and grasslands above which the air is hotter, this discourages cloud

formation and the areas remain dry, eventually, this alters the water circulation in the

atmosphere altering the weather conditions of the region largely up to many miles away

(Jacobs, Kruk and Oldeman 19).


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