Cod Bay Police Department Case Study- Did the sergeant handle this situation properly?

Cod Bay Police Department Case Study- Did the sergeant handle this situation properly?

In the Reserved Readings section, open Case 1, Cod Bay (scroll

to the bottom, to click on the icon) and read the one-page case


Did the sergeant handle this situation properly? If not, how

should he have handled it?

If you were the chief, what actions would you take in this case

and how would you improve the department?

Give at least one example of how the police department could be

improved by using the basic principles, policies, rules or

discipline described in the textbook.

Cod Bay Police Department

This case involves the unfair treatment of a civilian by the police after his car was

inadvertently towed while it was legally parked. The sergeant demanded that the car owner

should pay the towing fee. When he refused, he was threatened with arrest and was eventually

thrown out of the station. The conduct of the sergeant was totally unjustified. He abused his

authority and used excessive force in dealing with the car owner. After confirming that the

vehicle had been legally parked, he should have apologized to the young man for the

inconveniences caused. Then he should have allowed him to take his car without paying the

towing fee. Finally, he should have asked the patrol officers to be more careful and uphold

professionalism in their duties to ensure that the legally parked vehicles were not towed.

The behavior of the sergeant is a case of police misconduct and it warrants appropriate

disciplinary action (Cordner & Scarborough, 2007). Therefore, if I was the chief of police, I

would summon the sergeant and demand for an explanation for his behavior. Then I would take

the appropriate disciplinary action against him to curb such cases in the police department. I

would improve the department by putting in place appropriate disciplinary policies that would

ensure that the police officers do not engage in such conduct in the department.


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