Communication effectiveness within the service industry and improvement strategies

Communication effectiveness within the service industry and improvement strategies

kindly answer the attached questions.

1. Why does communication breakdown tend to be the rule rather than the exception in hospitality organizations?

2. Within a complete communication exchange, why are the odds stacked against effective communication?

3. In a hospitality service environment, how can communication breakdown be minimized?

Application Interaction Exercise: Service provider communication

I. What methods of communication are used most often in this hospitality operation?

II. What are the most common sources of breakdown?

III. What are the customers’ communication needs and wants?

Within the hospitality organization’s operations the unique property is that they serve a large and varied body of customers that are characterized by high diversity in terms of origin, language and personalities (Kusluvan, 2003). Of all the client-characteristics, cultural diversity forms a dynamic basis that poses a challenge to communication differences. Most customers in the hospitality industry communicate to frontline employees, and due to different customer cultural backgrounds, their requirements and tastes/preferences immensely vary requiring the workers to get regularly updated. Social differences embody variations in native-speaking language, gestures/body language, emotional-behavior, attitudes and ways of comprehending others. The diversity in these values and personality traits pose a significant barrier to effective communication making it the norm.


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