Compare the Bi/Multilingual Education (BME) policies of US and China

Compare the Bi/Multilingual Education (BME) policies of US and China

Comparative Case Study Research Paper: All students will research a

Bi/Multilingual Education (BME) program in the United States New York City that

will be compared to China

-compare the BME educational policies of U.S. New York City and China

-briefly describe, compare and discuss the following for:

o geography

o socioeconomics

o cultural contexts

o ethnolinguistic situation

o historical and/or current political nuances

o any other relevant information/outcomes related to BME

o describes and evaluate their BME program

Bi/Multilingual Education (BME) is the use of more than one language to provide instruction to students. There are various types of BME programs based on the sociolinguistic and educational factors affecting bilingual and multilingual education.  Many countries have adopted different BME programs with varied goals, such as transitioning learners from their first to the majority dialect or developing linguistic diversity whereby one language does not replace another. The following is an analysis of BME programs in New York City and China. BME programs in New York City and China have various similarities in terms of their goals, geographic distribution, ethnolinguistic situation, socioeconomic condition, and historical development.

One of the BME programs in New York is the Dual Language Education (DLE) program that teaches students in both their home language and English, which are utilized equally. The program aims to help learners to speak, write, and read in both languages, as well as learn about other cultures and appreciate them. DLE classes include students who are proficient in English as well as English learners who also speak a different language (NYC Department of Education, 2020). DLE programs include non-native and native speakers of the minority language. They integrate English speakers and minorities with the aim of developing bilingual skills, positive cross-cultural proficiency, and educational excellence for the two groups of learners (Sanchez, Garcia, & Solorza, 2017). Similarly, one of the BME programs in China is the bilingual education for ethnic minorities based on the balanced model that emphasizes the use of native languages as well as Chinese.


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