Compare the “voice” of two characters in Wuthering Heights.

Compare the “voice” of two characters in Wuthering Heights.

Write an essay (approx.) 1200 words (5 typed pages) long on ONE of the following

topics. Be sure to narrow your topic to a manageable scope- in other words, deal

with a limited range of material, to organize your essay- including a strong thesis

sentence, an introduction and a conclusion, to cite references according to MLA

style, and to proofread your essay for errors in grammar and in style. Be concrete

and specific. There must be a title page- do not include this page in your final count

of pages. Footnotes and a Works Cited page are required even if the reference is

only to the primary text. This is NOT a research paper, so if you use secondary

sources, use them judiciously.

1. Compare the “voice” of two characters in Wuthering Heights. Discuss with

reference to tone, diction, recurrent patterns of speech.

2. The two houses, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange are

comprehensively contrasted to one another throughout the text. Discuss the role of

these houses in relation to both theme and characterization.

3. There are multiple narrators, some more reliable than others in Wuthering

Heights. Discuss with reference to whether or not, given these numerous narrators,

there is a center of consciousness, that is, one narrative angle in the text.

Wuthering Heights: Part One
A. Narrative Voices:

  • shifting narrative voices/perspectives
  • use of multiple narrators- six narrators, all of whom are unreliable to one extent or another
  • twonarrators- Lockwood and Nelly Dean appear complementary in that both are opinionated, but not
    always reliable- the difficulty of first-person narration
  • the frame of the narrative revolves around Lockwood’s and Mrs. Dean’s recollections
  • there are other narrative voices- for example, reported speech from other characters including
    Heathcliff, Isabella, Zillah as well as Catherine’s written comments and Isabella’s letter to Nelly
  1. LOCKWOOD: – Lockwood suffers from a profound lack of self-knowledge- in that, he projects his own
    beliefs/views onto other characters as when he describes Heathcliff as a “ capital fellow” upon first
    meeting him and when he misjudges the relationships among Heathcliff, Hareton, and Catherine upon
    his first meeting with them – further, he tells the reader enough about himself in the first pages of the
    text to make the reader question his perceptions/opinions


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