Conquest in the Renaissance, Age of Imperialism, and Contemporary World

Conquest in the Renaissance, Age of Imperialism, and Contemporary World

I need a research paper that COMPARES and CONTRASTS the idea of conquest during the following three time periods:

Renaissance and Reformation (1300-1650)
Age of Imperialism (1800-1920)
The Contemporary World (1945-Present).

The sources can be internet based – NO WIKIS.

Conquests have been taking place throughout history. Powerful nations take control of other nations to expand their territories and gain access to their resources. This discussion compares and contrasts the conquests in the renaissance, the age of imperialism and the contemporary world. These conquests were fueled by the greed of developed nations to acquire more wealth and influence, and this had negative effects on the subjugated countries.

Since the renaissance period, nations have been conquered through methods such as military and economic conquests. During the renaissance and reformation period, military conquests were common. Conquests by the Ottoman Empire were the most common during this period. The Ottomans were successful in their conquests because their fighting force was well organized. They persuaded Muslim warriors to join them in the European conquest by promising them rewards and convincing them Allah would reward them for doing his will (Patrick 616). Their military technology was also superior to compare to that of Europeans. Therefore, they were able to conquer many nations and cities. The Ottomans entered Europe in 1354 and conquered many nations and cities including Eastern Thrace, the Bulgarian Empire, Albania, Venice, Macedonia, Greek, Bosnia, Serbia and Hungary (Patrick 618). Other countries such as England, Spain, Poland and Portugal also made military conquests during this period (Patrick 619).

The era of imperialism lasted between 1800 and 1920. During this period, there were military conquests. Powerful nations had already tried to conquer their neighbors and now they began looking for expansion overseas (Gregory 435). The British Empire conquered many African and Asian countries. The Dutch conquered the East Indies while the French subjugated North Africa and Asia (Gregory 436). Other countries such as Germany and Belgium also colonized Africa. Japan also conquered Manchuria and Korea.


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