Corporate Social Responsibility: The Bhopal Disaster

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Bhopal Disaster

The paper should cover the following questions:

1- What was the disaster about?

2- Why is the disaster considered to be a Corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

3- What kind of (CSR) issues does it have?

The Bhopal disaster popularly known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy is termed as one of the worst

industrial accident in the world. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy was a gas leak disaster in India in

1984 on 2nd and 3rd December at Madhya Pradesh (Dari 134). The accident involved leak of a

poisonous gas known as methyl isocyanate, which lead to death of more than three thousand

people and left many other permanently injured . The Bhopal disaster raised serious CRS issues,

which chemical industries and other manufacturing organizations worldwide should address. The

Bhopal disaster is a CSR issue because it resulted from a combination of organizational,

technological, legal and human errors (Dari 135).

The immediate cause of the accident was leakage of water into the MIC tank. The failure of

safety and control measures, as well as, absence of emergence procedures and community

information worsened results of the Bhopal disaster. Even though, people living near Union

Carbide manufacturing plant received warnings of possible dangers through various local

newspapers, they ignored these warnings since they were unaware of to respond to them. Most

unfortunately, local authorities dismissed these warnings as sensationalist reporting (Technology

Review 7). Furthermore, the company’s maintenance procedures and safety standards at this

plant had been failing and ignored for a long time. Its long-term effects were exacerbated further

by lack of systems and structures to compensate and care for the victims. For many years after

the accident, delivery of compensation to the victims was delayed thereby propagating suffering

of the people affected. Moreover, implementation of other aspects of relief that the Supreme

Court ordered was done in unsatisfactory manner (Weir 41).


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