Country & Culture Research Assignment: Compare the culture of two countries

Country & Culture Research Assignment: Compare the culture of two countries

Students will be assigned a country to research. For this assignment, you will

search resources listed in Course Resources (Management Guides, Business

Source Complete database. GMID database, Culturagrams and other library

sources) for country guides and profiles, articles, ebooks, and books on doing

business with other cultures, and much more. In addition, you can do broad

internet searches to locate other relevant data about doing business in your

assigned country. Refer to web evaluation criteria to determine credibility and

currency for that particular case. Your paper should be about 4 – 6 pages in

length. You should compare the culture of the country you are assigned to

research with that of your home country. You should indicate how cultural

differences influence (a) the costs of doing business in the assigned country, (b)

the likely future economic development of that country, and (c) its business

practices. You should be conducting research on the assigned country from the

perspective of an international business person. Once you’ve finished your

paper for submission, please post a summary of your findings on the course

Blackboard site in the appropriate discussion forum for the rest of the class.

Inform the class about the country’s geographic location, capital city, weather,

head of state, population, GDP and relevant information that a businessperson

would need to know to do business in your assigned country. Your post should

be about 4 paragraphs in length and should be posted directly to the discussion

forum (i.e. do not post it as an attachment).

Purpose/Thesis Statement

Key Topic Support


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