CRIM 3151: What were your personal reactions to the course content in Module 2?

CRIM 3151: What were your personal reactions to the course content in Module 2?

General Introduction for all Critical Reflective Essays

Each of the six critical reflective essays in this course is worth 50 marks and will

contribute 10% of your final grade. These essays are the venue through which you

will record your comments and ideas on the subject matter, readings, and videos,

with particular focus on synthesizing material and using critical thinking skills. This

task of essay writing is not an exercise in simply summarizing the readings.

General Instructions for all Critical Reflective Essays

1. You are required to write a critical reflective essay that integrates your

personal experiences and reflections with demonstrated knowledge and

understanding of the course content covered.

2. Your essay should be 4–5 pages long, and should be double-spaced using a

12-point font. Since this is a reflective assignment, write from the first-

person perspective.

3. Include an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The

introduction could include what the essay will cover and why the topic(s)

is/are important. Referring to the course materials, incorporate your own

informed opinions, personal experiences, and ideas. You should

demonstrate that you have read/viewed the material and have critically

reflected on it. The questions posed for this essay are meant to guide your

thinking and writing.

4. Use proper APA referencing when citing any material from the course

readings (this includes both paraphrasing and direct quotes).

Instructions for Critical Reflective Essay 1

After completing all Module 2 activities, use the prompting questions below to write

about the impacts of colonialism. Please ensure that you consult the instructions

and marking guide prior to completing this assignment. Also make sure to

demonstrate that you have completed all the readings/viewings and can integrate

their points into your critical reflections.

 What were your personal reactions to the course content in Module 2?

 What was the most surprising thing that stood out to you?

 What did you find most difficult to watch/hear/read?

 What, if anything, could you relate to from what you read/viewed?

 Have you, your family, or community been affected by colonial practices and

policies? If so, how?

 Taiaiake & Corntassel identify the “challenge of being Indigenous.” Using the

course materials, identify the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

impacts of colonial policies and practices. Discuss how these impacts are

intergenerational, and how both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in

Canada are affected.

 Taiaiake & Corntassel describe several mantras of insurgent Indigenous

movements. Find a contemporary example of one or several of these

mantras in your community, province, or country. This could be a legal

challenge, a protest, a program, an individual’s social action, etc. Describe

the example, identify who is involved, and explain how the mantra is

reflected in the activity or action.


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