CRJ 606 Capitalism as a Criminogenic Society Conflict and Radical Theories of Crime

CRJ 606 Capitalism as a Criminogenic Society Conflict and Radical Theories of Crime

Vold coined the “Group Conflict Theory” in 1958 when he tested from a criminological perspective that the social nature of humans is that there is competition and forms of injustices among factions within a common culture. In essence, humans compete for fame, resources, control, influence, power, and dominance, and within a cultural setting, there are minority groups and the dominant majority (Lanier & Anastasia, 2015). Because of shared interests among the dominant groups to amass power, wealth, and influence, the minority groups naturally drift into the opposition. It is this nature of controversies and competition of who is more powerful, who should influence others, and who should wield more privileges that an atmosphere of criminal tendencies is made present (Lanier & Anastasia, 2015). With the increasing social injustices caused by the more powerful and dominant majority factions, the minority groups resort to criminal activities like violence, theft, and political ill-will in order to counter the already unfair majority (Lanier & Anastasia, 2015). Ultimately, the dominant groups may excel in forming the government, and they then use this platform to formulate laws and constitutional statutes that limit the rights of the minority in order to create an unequal society.

Implications of the Vold`s Group Conflict Theory for Policy and Practice in Criminal Justice The formulation of policy and practice within the Criminal Justice System is operationalized based on the Kantian moral principle to explain the concept of Vold`s Group Conflict Theory. The Kantian theory determines that the end justifies the means (Lynch & Liefaard, 2020). Consequently, whether the process of approach may be considered as wrong by the majority of the dominant groups, the focus is meant to bring out fairness so that the minority groups can also enjoy similar access to social, economic, political, and cultural opportunities in mainstream society


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