Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

With the increasing advancement in the technology in healthcare industry, the data security of patient is at high risk. Protecting the patient information will help the organization in delivering high quality of care to the patients by decreasing the disruptions that have a high impact on clinical outcomes. The organizations need to prioritize the patient safety, data protections, and privacy as embracing the use of technology in the organization. During the pandemic, telehealth came into trend to prevent inpatient service and spread of infection, but this increased the use of supported and unsupported data during video call appointments. This caused the vulnerability of the patient personal information to cyber thefts. Nowadays, cybersecurity in healthcare industry is of great concern and needs an attention to protect patient safety and data. The paper should address the following issues: Explain how this aspect of healthcare is connected to the national healthcare delivery system Describe the challenges or opportunities that this sector of healthcare currently faces supported by published sources. Identify how this area is affected by the ACA or the proposed healthcare reform policies. Address how the legislative environment and how health policy and the local, state, and federal levels impact organizations within the sector you are exploring. NOTE: This final paper will be formally assessing the Program Learning Outcome 4a (Interpret the legislative environment and how health policy at the local, state, and federal levels impact organizations.)

The need for proper cybersecurity measures in the healthcare field is becoming more

urgent because criminal activity is becoming increasingly sophisticated and also due to the

deleterious effects of the loss of patient data. The adoption of electronic health records has made

patient data more accessible and portable, and this has increased opportunities for breaches. The

following research explores the issue of cybersecurity in healthcare, including its connection to

the national healthcare system, challenges posed, and the impact of the legislative environment

on healthcare organizations.


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