Deception and concealment play an important role in ROMEO and JULIET. Discuss this theme

Deception and concealment play an important role in ROMEO and JULIET. Discuss this theme and determine if Shakespeare approves of concealment and deception.

Romeo and Juliet is a play about love. Romeo and Juliet are two of the most prominent

historic lovers, even though, some people doubt if their historic love that defied all odds live up

to its repute. It is a tragedy about two hormone-crazed young lovers whose premature deaths in

the long run bring together their warring families. It has been termed to as a tragedy that resulted

from the inability of the older generation to comprehend the passion and commitment of the

younger generations. In this play, Romeo and Juliet are ruined by their teen impulsiveness,

which the wiser advisers were unable to control. The background surrounding their love such as

their descent from two warring families and the concomitant hatred gives deception and

concealment a central role in the play (Bloom, 2008). The families of the two young lovers have

been fighting for a long period of time and they believe that their prohibited relationship subjects

them to consistent danger. As a result, their relationship thrives on secret meetings. The feuds


between their families and the accompanying hatred forced them to conceal their meetings. Apart

from secret meetings, they also marry in secret against the wishes of their parents (Bloom, 2008).

Relating openly would have worsened the conflict between their families. However, their

concealed relationship pushed them towards their sad deaths. Romeo and Juliet in spite of

coming from two fighting fell in love and had to choose between social and familial expectations

and their passion for one another. They choose passion for each other. They opted to leave

loyalty to their parents and the society and deceive their kinsmen so as to protect their consuming

love (Bloom, 2008).


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