Describe the DARE Program and explain why it failed

Describe the DARE Program and explain why it failed

The answer should be in essay format, meaning you should submit a 4-5 page

mini essays in a single document. Remember to answer in great detail and answer

the entire question. Please write in the APA style and make sure you use the text

and additional sources.

3. According to Worrell certain crime control methods appear to be failures.

Using the literature for support. Describe the following familiar method and why

they failed. Then describe alternate methods that should be considered for each.

A- 311 Phone line

B- Random patrol

C- Hiring more detectives

D- Abolishing plea bargaining

E- DARE Program

Many people except scientists who have consistently found that DARE program is

extensively ineffective admire the program. It is important to note that, criminal psychologists

have established that people who abuse drugs and other substances are more likely to commit

crime and engage in anti-social activities, than those who do not. Therefore, rehabilitating drug

and substance addicts and helping people avoid drug abuse enables the society to reduce the risk

factors for crime. However, even though the program is popular among students, teachers, school

administrators, parents and the police, critics argue that students who have undertaken this

program later ends up doing more drugs and consuming more alcohol than those who have not

undertaken the program (Cassel & Bernstein, 2013). In other words, the program is

counterproductive and this defeats its intended purpose of enabling the society reduce risk

factors that make people more inclined towards committing crime.

Apparently, the DARE program has failed in helping the law enforcement agencies

control crime because teachers, as well as parents and guardians see it as enabling them to shun

dealing with the difficult subject of drug and substance abuse. Parents love the DARE program

because it enables them forfeit their responsibility of dealing with the usually difficult subject of

drug, substance and alcohol abuse. This gives these two groups of the most influential authorities

in the lives of students a free time (Cassel & Bernstein, 2013 ). In short, the program is loved

because it is popular among all the concerned stakeholders and not because it is effective.


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