Describe the effectiveness Chemical castration for sex offenders

Describe the effectiveness Chemical castration for sex offenders

The answer should be in essay format, meaning you should submit a 4-5 page

mini essays in a single document. Remember to answer in great detail and answer

the entire question. Please write in the APA style and make sure you use the text

and additional sources.

2. According to Worrall certain methods of crime control do have an effect on

crime while others may not. Using the literature for support, describe the

effectiveness of each of the following methods.

A- Directed Patrol for drugs and guns

B- Deferred sentencing for drug offenders

C- Chemical castration for sex offenders

D- Student behavior modification program

E- Big brother and big sister programs

Directed Patrol for drugs and guns

The need for directed police patrols largely arose from the appreciation of the weaknesses

and ineffectiveness of random police patrols in controlling and alleviating crime. The use of

directed police patrols began in the Kansas City where it enabled law enforcement agencies to

reduce gun related crimes by over fifty percent during the early 1990s. The most distinguishing

features of directed patrols are that police officers are exclusively committed to this particular

program. They are not duty bound to respond to the 911 emergency calls. The directed patrol

police officers are trained on public interaction and seizure of drugs and guns.

Directed patrol approaches have been successful because hot spots interventions have

been found effective in reducing targeted forms of crime as opposed to random patrols that are

essentially reactive. Unlike random patrol practices, directed patrols have been effective because

police officers work closely with members of the public in the targeted in order to win

community support and address their concerns (Mcgarrell et al., 2001). In directed patrols,

officers are trained to treat individual citizens with respect and honestly explain to them reasons

for each stop. This approach enhances friendly relationships and cooperation between police

officers and citizens.


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