Describe the informal rules engrained within an organization that you have experienced first-hand

Describe the informal rules engrained within an organization that you have experienced first-hand. Assess how you did or could have utilized this information as a leader in order to build organizational capacity.

One of the key components of organizational culture is organizational norms.

Organizational culture refers to a collection of norms and values that individuals share.

Organizational norms are informal guidelines that stipulate the appropriate employee behavior in

different situations. Employees in most organizations are governed by certain informal rules in

addition to the formal written guidelines. An organization’s cultural norms derive from its

cultural beliefs and values. The following analysis explores Honda’s cultural norms and how a

leader can harness them for organizational capacity building.

Honda is a multinational organization that manufactures motorcycles and automobiles.

Some of Honda’s major cultural values from which informal rules are derived include team spirit

and equality. The management espouses a culture where everyone in the organization feels as an

important member of the team and an equal participant in driving the organization towards the

achievement of its goals. One of the informal rules that are ingrained in Honda is the use of the

first name to address each other. The use of the first name by all the employees except the

president has created a sense of equality in the organization. Moreover, since everyone at Honda

wears a white uniform, it is not easy to tell who the superiors are. Another cultural norm at

Honda is that all employees take lunch together in a shared cafeteria. There is no reserved place

for managers to take their meals. Furthermore, there are no assigned parking spaces for anyone

in the organization. Employees, including the senior management, share parking space. The

offices in the company are open-plan and in Honda, it is common for managers to do employee’s

tasks. Honda’s culture of equality and team spirit has encouraged the employees to take

initiative. Moreover, it has enhanced their loyalty and most of them have committed themselves

to working long hours and during weekends.


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