Design project: Concrete design skills

Design project: Concrete design skills

In this project Concrete Design skills will be put into practice when a local engineer asks you to undertake a preliminary design on a four-storey block of units. The structure is composed of reinforced concrete slabs, beams and columns with concrete infill walls. Attached is a layout of a typical floor and typical sections, from which you are required to produce your preliminary design.


  • Moment analysis can be performed using Strand7.
  • Using design guidelines given in the Australian Concrete Structures Standard – AS3600 you are required to design:
  • Typical balcony and floor slab (includes thickness and reinforcement layout)
  • Typical T-beams and edge beams
  • Columns (includes middle, end and edge column calculations)
  • Typical footing
  • Stair-way design (optional)

Note that typical loading and design guidelines are to be taken from AS3600.

  • You should use normal strength concrete (32 MPa) for the slabs and beams, and high strength concrete (80 MPa) for the columns.
  • It is desired that you use 500N steel as reinforcement. Where possible, use R10 plain round bars (fsy = 250 MPa) for stirrups and ties, and N-bars not greater than 36 mm in diameter are to be used for beam and column reinforcement.
  • Designs should be for strength and serviceability limit states. Checks for durability would be desired.

You are required to also produce working drawings. Make sure you allow for development lengths where required, and provide appropriate detailing of reinforcement. You can take the ultimate soil bearing capacity for foundation design as qu = 400 MPa.


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