Detecting and prosecuting on-line pornography

Detecting and prosecuting on-line pornography

Pornography is defined as an overt representation of literature or films which are

expressive of sexual activities. On-line pornography therefore refers to overt

representation of sexual activities through the use of internet. Pornography in all of its

forms is meant to stimulate erotic feelings as opposed to emotions. Pornography is

mostly targeted at men more than it is to women. It is not a crime that those who commit

do not inflict bodily harm nor does it cause any serious form of loss. The criminality of

pornography is legally defined differently by different states. Some countries like

Muslim nations do not encourage pornography for all their citizens; to them it is

perverted and erodes the moral fabrics of the society. However, in some nations it is

prohibited for persons under a legally spelt age. In most, if not all, countries

pornography is prohibited and should not be shown to children; the countries also have

illegalized use of children in acting pornographic films and such crimes are severely

punishable and attract long jail terms.

Distinguishing Characteristics of On-line pornography

One of the elements of on-line pornography is that it is very addictive and it is

hard to escape from, most the sites are accessed free of charge and in some cases

appear as pop ups when one is surfing the internet. It is said that pornography lets

women to be seen as simple physical entities and mainly place more focus on their

breasts and sex organs than the rest of the body. Pornography does not portray

women’s attractiveness in terms of character, intelligence and even humor; it shows that

the relationship between a man and a woman is only pegged on sex. Most importantly,

it does not support long term commitment in love and does not produce a long term love

and sexual relationships. Pornography is said to be a victimless crime and those who

watch do so at will.


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