Development of World’s Cinematography during WWII

Development of World’s Cinematography during WWII

A 6-8 pages essay about Cinema and its Place in the World during World War

II,Challenges of the Movies during the Postwar Period.Mainly focus on the

development and effect of media during WWII.

you can include content like,

1、Changed thematic of the movies

2、Problems with investment and distribution of movies

3、 Attempts for the cinematographic rebirth

World War II (WWII) had a great impact on the film industry. During WWII, cinematography went through different challenges, changes, and accomplishments. This paper explores the development s and changes of the film industry during WWII, as well as the challenges faced during the post-war period. The changes in the themes of the movies and the rebirth of cinematography are also discussed.

Various countries produced films at different rates during WWII, including Japan (1, 461), Italy (509), Britain (370), Germany (572), and France (394).[1] After the entry of the U.S. into the war, there was an urgent need to instruct numerous recruits within a short time, and motion pictures were among the selected solutions to solve this problem. Training films were developed on how to save lives, interrogate prisoners, operate equipment, detect and sink submarines, and survive in the jungle.[2]

There was close cooperation between the film industry in the U.S. and the government during WWII in order to facilitate the information campaign of the latter.  For instance, in the U.S., President Franklin Roosevelt directed Hollywood filmmakers to make motion pictures such as feature films that emotionalized the war to enhance the awareness and support of the public for the conflict. The film industry produced quality combat movies that supported the war effort and provided propaganda that was well received by both military and civilian audiences. The Bureau of Motion Pictures was established by the U.S. government to coordinate the development of entertainment features that included morale-boosting and patriotic messages and themes regarding the country.


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