Discuss the changing practice of hospitalization for the mentally ill

Discuss the changing practice of hospitalization for the mentally ill.
Provide several examples to support your claims. Be sure to provide
citations in your APA style writing

There have been revolutionary changes in mental illness hospitalization over the

years. Initially, the mentally ill patients were hospitalized for long periods of time and

were protected from inflicting harm on themselves or others, but little treatment was

offered. However, today there is the use of rehabilitative medication in order to try and

make the patients to go back to independent living. There has also been the

introduction of the concept of deinstitutionalization which has ensured that mental

patients can get help from community-based institutions in order to adjust to normal life.

This paper explores the changes that mental hospitalization has undergone throughout



Admission to a mental hospital can be through three ways, namely, voluntary,

emergency or involuntary admission. In voluntary admission, patients visit psychiatric

institutions and request for hospitalization. Patients who are mentally ill and are willing

to undergo treatment are also considered to be voluntary patients. These patients have

some rights such as the right to refuse treatment if they are not endangering others or

themselves and the right to request for discharge (Tasman and Mohr, 2011).

Emergency admission patients are those that are hospitalized because they

show symptoms of mental illness and behave in a way that can cause harm to other

people or themselves. After the evaluation and treatment of the patients, they can either

be discharged or have their status changed to voluntary patients. While under the

emergency admission status, the patients’ movement into and out of the institution is

restricted but they are allowed to consult with their legal representatives (Tasman and

Mohr, 2011).

Involuntary hospitalization is administered to mentally ill persons whose condition

endanger themselves and others, but refuse to be hospitalized or treated. Therefore,

this group of mentally ill persons is held in a mental hospital against their will.


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