Discuss the Ethics and legality of Drone Strikes

Discuss the Ethics and legality of Drone Strikes. The Argument is Against the strikes.

The term paper will address the issue of drone strikes being used. Is it ethical to

use drones abroad or here in the United States to collect information on citizens? In

some cases abroad, strikes are used to take out people suspected of terrorist acts

killing innocent people. Also, is it legal for the U. S. Government to do this. Give

some Pro and Cons of doing the Drone strikes. Make sure 3 sources are books.

Can you do an abstract/executive summary for this paper?

The Unites States law enforcement agencies and external security organs have been

expanding use of drones for surveillance at home and abroad respectively. Use of drones to strike

target areas particularly in the counterterrorism war have increased substantially during Obama

Presidency. At the domestic level, routine aerial surveillance has greatly changed the character of

the American public life. For this reason, some analysts and supporters of the drones strikes

propose that rules must be adopted to help the society derive benefits of this technology without

turning U.S into a surveillance society where every move made by citizens is tracked, recorded,

monitored and examined by the government. Even though supporters of this new technology

including the Obama administration considers drones effective at weakening terrorist networks, a

significant number of Americans have increasingly grown disenchanted with drones. Currently,

there is a growing number of people opposed to and protesting against the use of drones by U.S

in Middle East, Asia, Africa and at home. The contention of the present discussion is that since

the ethical and legality of drones and the question whether their use decreases or increases

terrorism is unclear , they should not be used anywhere more so in sovereign foreign nations.

The Ethics and Legality of Drone Strikes

In the U.S, the perceived effectiveness of the drones in enabling security organs carry out

targeted killing of terrorists is a dominant narrative.


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