Discuss the major problems in dealing with international crime

Discuss the major problems in dealing with international crime and discuss current policies/laws

to combat TCOs. Evaluate the effectiveness of and international cooperation in combat transnational crime. Also discuss if US-Mexico border problem poses a

national security threat. Also a reminder that your assignment must conform to

APA format for citation and writing.

International crime is a complicated contemporary issue that is confronting the world

today. Fighting this global monster is certainly not an easy task. There are numerous major

problems that hamper the fight against international crime. These major problems in dealing

with international crime include first nature of the concerned criminal organization. While

TCOs are economic criminal organizations, other international criminal organizations terrorist

organization are to a large extent political organizations (Williams, 1998). Terrorist

organizations are considerably overt outfits while TCOs are relatively covert. Hence, there are

various reasons why most countries see terrorist organizations as posing serious domestic and

international security while TCOs are seen as having no impact on the same. TCOs have

primarily economic goals. Therefore, they have managed to develop covertly alongside the

complicated global market system and financial networks. This makes their detection,

containment, and eradication an uphill task for nations (Williams, 1998). Proceeds from

activities of TCOs are huge and this enables them to buy loyalty and help of senior security,

custom and even judicial officers. Thus, they are able to operate invisibly across apparently well

manned national borders. Moreover, since some of their enormous profits are reinvested into

domestic and national economies, some governments think that TCOs do not pose danger to the

domestic and international security. Therefore, international crimes such as drug trafficking are

not usually designated as a national security menace. Having such a narrow conception of

security threats emanating from TCOs hampers effective detection and destruction of organized


Second, accelerated globalization seen during twentieth and twenty first centuries are a

major problem in dealing with international crime. This globalization has magnified not only

movement of commodities, people, money, culture, ideas and other tangible and intangible

things but also crime. Increased, globalization of crime just like business and other aspects of

human societies have been facilitated by the development of information, communication, and

transport technologies.


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