Distinction of Performance management from Performance Appraisal.

Distinction of Performance management from Performance Appraisal.

your assignment/report must consist the following requirements:


In this part you will give an overview of your topic and the points you are going to cover.

methodology: here you write how you will be collecting data using primary or secondary research what is your method, however I suggest, use secondary data there is no enough time for primary research.

Body paragraph 1

Here you explain the point specifically providing an example.

Body paragraph 2

you are also required to illustrate the second point in more details with an example.

Body paragraph 3

in this paragraph you will follow the same format choose the point you will have already mentioned in your introduction and explain it provide an example to make the report more understandable.


one paragraph summarizes what mainly your topic is about restate the points you will have already covered in your body paragraphs, but without too much information just a summary.

Note: your research is 1500 words 1700 is still acceptable, but not less than 1500. clear English

five references only not more not less


Although the terms ‘performance management’ and ‘performance appraisal’ are often used interchangeably, the two have different meanings. Performance management refers to the strategies that the management employs to enable the workers to improve their performance. It includes processes such as identifying, evaluating, developing, and managing the performance of an organization’s human resources. Conversely, performance appraisal is the assessment of the progress of the employees’ past performance. Performance appraisal is a system through which scores are assigned by organizations to indicate a person’s or group’s level of performance (DeNisi 121). In response to the changes and the competitive pressure in the business environment, many organizations are abandoning the traditional system of performance appraisal and embracing performance management in order to enhance their talent management strategies.


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