Do excessive Federal regulations have the same impact as a tax?

Do excessive Federal regulations have the same impact as a tax?

You must discuss ALL of the following:

1) As a CFO of a publicly-traded company, do you think the U.S. should maintain,

increase or decrease its current Federal Corporate Income Tax rates? You should

discuss the pros and cons of each before making a final recommendation.

2) Do excessive Federal regulations have the same impact as a tax? Why or why


3) What are the conditions of a perfect capital market and how are these conditions

the same or different than the conditions of today’s markets?

4) Will the construction required to repair the damage from Superstorm Sandy help

the economy? If so, how do you reconcile that with the window fallacy?

Your answers must be typed, double-spaced. They should be thorough. If you just

‘go through the motions’ on this, you are wasting your time. Insight answers.

Please note that I will grade not only on content, but on grammar, spelling,

capitalization and punctuation as well.

Federal regulations affect daily activities of individuals, groups and organizations.

Similarly, taxes impact the financial position and wealth-creation capability of individuals,

groups and firms (both for profit and not-for-profit entities). Taxes are not voluntary donations or

payments. They are statutory deductions on taxpayers’ (individuals or legal persons) incomes,

according to the legislative power given to a state or the functional agency of a country. Failure

to pay taxes is a serious economic crime punishable by law. Accordingly, individuals and other

legal entities have no choice but to pay the taxes they owe the government. Likewise,

individuals, groups and organizations cannot choose whether to observe federal regulations or

not to. Therefore, every individual citizen and legal entity is legally obliged to pay taxes and

observe federal regulations.

Excessive federal regulations have a detrimental impact compared to fairly regulated

taxes. Excessive federal regulations burdens businesses, individuals, local and state governments.


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