Do you consider it possible for abstract HR models to be applicable to organisations?

Do you consider it possible for abstract HR models to be applicable to organisations?

Human Resource Management

1. Do you consider it possible for abstract HR models to be applicable to organisations? The answer must be mix and match.

2. Choose (Michigan Model and Harvard Model) and use TFL (Transport of

London) Organization which based in London.

Assessment criteria

Good presentation 5%

Brief outline of problem- 15%


collection and critical presentation of evidence-30%,

discussion of evidence and analysis of problem- 30%,

conclusion- 10%,

properly presented bibliography and referencing-10% Use below Refrences

 Signpost: indicate to the reader why YOU have identified as the problem the

question asks.

 Define technical terms contained in the question, e.g. managerial perspectives

 Provide academic evidence for the position you take in your report

 Demonstrate praxis through case example wherever possible

 Write a conclusion summing up the evidence and indicating what is your position

regarding the problems posed in the question

 The bibliography should demonstrate consultation with a range of HR

sources- texts, journals and professional websites.

 Use below references,


Armstrong, M. (2004). Strategic Human Resource Management: A Guide to Action. 2 nd Ed. London:

Kogan Page Limited

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challenges for human resource management? Personnel Review. 35:2, pp 141-157

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London: SAGE Publications Limited

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British Journal of Industrial Relations, 46:2, pp 314-339

Legge, K. (2005). Human Resource Management: Rhetorics and Realities. Basingstoke: PALGRAVE


Steyaert, C. Janssens, M. (1999) Human and Inhuman Resource Management: saving the subject of

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Townley, B. (1993). Foucault, Power/Knowledge, and its Relevance for Human Resource

Management. Academy of Management Review, 18:3, pp 518-545


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