Document Management at Proctor and Gamble

Document Management at Proctor and Gamble

Describe Proctor and Gamble’s business model and products and services. Explain the business

problem they were experiencing. Identify an appropriate IT solution. Distinguish between

document management and database technology.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is an American multinational specializing in personal care and

household products. P&G’s business model is built around innovation. The company aims to

exploit internal Research and Development (R&D) by forming external partnerships

(Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013). The company uses senior scientists to develop connections with

researchers in other companies and institutions. P&G also uses internet platforms to connect with

experts in problem-solving from all over the world. Furthermore, the company uses retirees to

get knowledge about the outside world. The company also listens and learns from its customers.

P&G solicits the consumers’ insights and translates them into superior products. Furthermore,

the company has expanded into new product categories through innovation. P&G emphasizes on

organic growth as it is more valued by investors and is less risky (Hess, 2013).

The products offered by P&G in the market are divided into beauty, household care and

health and well-being (Hess, 2013). Beauty is divided into grooming and beauty sub-segments.

Grooming products include shave products, razors and facial products. On the other hand, beauty

products include deodorants, cosmetics, fragrances and skin and hair care products. Household

care products comprise of fabric and home care and baby and family care. Fabric and home care

products include detergents and batteries. Baby care and family care products include diapers,

baby wipes, paper towels and tissues. The health and well-being products include health care,

snacks and pet care. Health care includes personal healthcare, oral and feminine care products.

Snacks and pet care products include snacks and pet food (Hess, 2013).

Even though P&G has modern technological systems, the company was faced with the

problem of managing large amounts of paper records. R&D, potential litigation and regulatory

issues can produce a lot of paper documents.


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