Does Age Matter in Relationships?

Does Age Matter in Relationships? 

* Make sure it consists of a lot of humor (FUNNY!!)

*Make your point of view clear. Naturally, your point won’t be as effective if no-

one knows what you are talking about!

*Use statistics. Backing up your points make them seem much more reliable, and

therefore valid.

*Acknowledge your opponent’s point. If you do this, you will look smarter and

more knowledgeable, as it seems like you have weighed up the points of view, and

found your conclusion- your opinion.

*Use persuasive techniques. These include- list of three, which makes your point

more memorable and effective; rhetorical questions, which make your opponents

consider the validity of their point; irony, which undermines their point and makes

yourself seem more mature and intelligent; simile, which gives them something to

relate to; humour, which gets the audience on your side; repetition, which reinforces

your point and so on.

*When it’s finished, proof read. Grammatically incorrect lexis undermines your

intelligence, and therefore weakens your argument.

We have all witnessed the growing trend of relationships and marriages

between individuals with a wide age gap. The debate regarding the significance of age gaps in

relationships is impassioned and a consensus is not forthcoming. My stand is that age matters a

lot in relationships. This topic is important as it can enlighten people on the impact of age on

relationships and help to reduce the growing rates of divorce and break ups. This speech will

provide the main points supporting the topic, evidence, reasoning and relationship to the thesis.

TECHNIQUE: The technique used is persuasion.

THESIS SENTENCE: Age matters in relationships as it is a major determinant of whether the

relationship will last or not.

CLARIFICATION: In relationships with a wide age gap, either the man or woman can be older

than their partner.

PREVIEW STEP: Relationships with a wide age gap are affected by conflicting priorities and

perspectives, differences in maturity and insecurity and domination.


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