Domestic Violence, its effects in society and the remedies in policy and practice

Domestic Violence, its effects in society and the remedies in policy and practice

Social Work and Domestic Violence

Responses to women experiencing domestic violence frequently assume that leaving the relationship is the sole solution, and in fact, may prescribe this as a condition of assistance. Drawing on your understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, the dimensions of safety planning and complexities of women’s social contexts (including current government policies), what are the essential elements of policies and practices that would offer more effective assistance to women and their children?

Assessment criteria:
1. Demonstrates awareness of current and emerging VAW policy issues
2. Identifies and critically reviews relevant literature
3. Demonstrates a high level of critical analysis
4. Demonstrates understanding of the complexity of developing and implementing VAW policy
5. Demonstrates understanding of the links between theory, policy and practice
6. Is written in a coherent and scholarly style with accurate and complete referencing
7. APA Referencing style
8. Direct quoting’s permitted ; quotations marks used; indented
9. British English ONLY.
10. Ecological Theory to be used through a FEMINIST Perspective

Domestic violence is a broad term that differentially has dynamic representations within contexts of cultural diversities but overall it defines acts of violence that are deemed to ensue between persons who currently have, or previously have had, intimacy relations within an internal setup (Mitchell, 2011). The ominous acts get perpetrated by close partners, and defining the various forms of the violence with the involved perpetrators and victims is a complex issue due to the various intimate and family relation-attachments in the general community setups. The most common acts of violence include physical attrition, sexual manipulates, emotional and mental/psychological abuses (Johnson and Sullivan, 2008). In the domestic context, the abuse mainly involves perpetrations carried out by males against the female partners, but also it encompasses violence by women against their men counterparts or in a contemporary setting violence in same-sexual relations (Almeida and Durkin, 1999).


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