Ecological Economics and Policy; Pick a societal problem of interest to you

Ecological Economics and Policy

Pick a societal problem of interest to you. Provide a potential solution to that problem grounded in what you have learned in this course. The paper should be no more the 1/2 about describing the problem and the rest describing a solution. The problem: It can be environmental, social, or economic (or a combination of the three). The problem can be at any scale: a community, a corporation, a government, or even global.

The solutions: Your solution should take a whole-systems approach. Basically make sure that you address what kind of environmental, social, and economic impacts this solution will have. It doesn’t have to solve all problems, but it should recognize what problems it can solve, and what others it might cause.

Global warming is an environmental phenomenon described to posit one of the most adverse threats to the contemporary global environment and humanity (Mohr, 2005). The aspect of global warming is characterized by a rise in greenhouse gases from natural and man-made cradles. It has ensued in a planet that is approximated to be about 30oC (or 54oF) warmer than it would expectedly be by trajectory climatic forecasts such as by Green and Armstrong (2007). The concept came up following a record presented of an amalgamation of earth surface temperature readings in 1987, “acting as the initial evidence of global warming” (Gray, 2001, p.2). The implications of global warming have been elucidated to include the rising risks of droughts, floods and disease in the long term. The world poor are more predisposed to the destruction in the developing countries where agricultural productivity is at risk in a hotter and drier globe as a consequence of uncontained global warming (Cline, 2008). What is appreciable among a plethora of climatic experts is that there exists no single solution to this environmental debilitating phenomenon (Schmidt et al., 2009). It is predominantly a problem of excessive heat-trapping gases including carbon dioxide (CO2) or a gas like methane among others in the atmosphere.


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