Effect of social media on employee performance

Effect of social media on employee performance

Information technology (IT) and its associated applications have made their existence felt in the field of Human Resource Management (HRM). In particular, the social media applications have become popular ways of social, as well as, formal interaction at

workplaces all over the world. Even though the use of social media has spread like bush fire,

their effect on employee performance has not been studied adequately. According to Ferreira and

Plessis (2009), this is partly because the social nature of online social networking is assumed to

have negative impacts on employee performance and have no organizational benefit (p.3).

However, there is need to investigate objectively the effect of social media on employee

performance and possible consequences if employees are allowed unrestricted access to social

media networks.

Over the recent few years, organizations have had to handle issues relating to employees’

use of the Internet through organizational Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

resources. Many organizations have already successfully implemented acceptable Internet use

policies along side with other security technologies to deal with Internet use and access. In

organizational context, the issues related to social media and the kind of content accessible

through such sites presents a dilemma to the employers. Yet, in spite of these problems, the

opportunities that social media presents should be explored in order to make objective decisions

before pushing aside these online communication and collaboration technologies.

To be sure, social networking sites have advantages and risks. Social media enables

employees to link or connect to others and thus lead to potential advantages like information

sharing and improved collaboration, improved communications among workmates, customers

and customers, and greater productivity (Body and Ellison, 2007, p. 211). According to Bernoff

and Li (2008), online social networking at the workplace allows a strong mix of users contact

information and profiles, collaborative document creation, healthy presence information,

distribution tracking and other elements that establish a pulse in the organization (p. 42).


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