Effects of Childhood Obesity and possible solutions to eradicate it

Effects of Childhood Obesity and possible solutions to eradicate it

An article focusing on the ills of Childhood Obesity and possible solutions in eradicating Childhood Obesity.

Over the last three decades, childhood obesity has emerged as a major growing health

problem especially in the Western developed countries and middle-income economies around the

world. Statistics and research studies show that over the last thirty years, childhood obesity

doubled in children (Ogden et al., 2012). Similarly, obesity and weight problems have also

grown more than three times in adolescents over the last three decades. For example, in the

United States, prevalence of childhood obesity grew from 7% in children aged between 6 to11

years in 1980 to almost 18% in 2010 (Ogden et al., 2012). Obesity is the physical status of

having too much body fat (Krebs et al., 2007). Healthcare professionals attribute the growing

problem of obesity and weight problems in children and adolescents to the features of the social

environment. In particular, technological advancement is a major contributing factor to this

growing problem. In the contemporary society, children and adolescents have adopted sedentary

lifestyles characterized by physical inactivity. Today, children prefer staying indoors, watch

television, and play computer games instead of playing games with other peers in their


There are immediate and long-term effects of childhood obesity. Children who are obese

or overweight usually have lower self-esteem more than those who have normal weight.

Immediate effects of childhood obesity include increased risk for cardiovascular diseases like

high blood pressure or high cholesterol (Freedman et al., 2007). Obese children are also more

likely to suffer from pre-diabetes, a health condition where a child’s glucose levels cause a high

risk of developing diabetes. Childhood obesity also put affected children at a higher risk of

suffering from joint and bone ailments, sleep problems and psychological and social problems

like lower self-esteem and stigmatization (Daniels et al., 2005). Overweight and obese children

face a very hard life in today’s society.


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