Employees’ Attitude and its Role in Organizational Performance

Employees’ Attitude and its Role in Organizational Performance

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Please prepare a research paper (double spaced) of approximatley five pages . This paper should contain secondary research from academic ( peer revived) journals. There should be three to five sources and reported in APA style. Please includean abstract page as well as work cited page. Then make some reccomendations for future study. Your topic of study is one of your own choosing pertaining to organization behavior.

The two primary outcomes of interest to the organization are job performance and organizational commitment. One of the major personal mechanisms by which employees can influence organizational performance is job satisfaction directly related towards the employee attitude. In many studies that have gotten carried out, the value of analyzing for business performance as an outcome has not been well explained, through aggregation of worker’s approach level data. From a study satisfaction with pay and the overall job satisfaction showed averagely a reciprocal relationship over time with the company (Return of Assets) and market (Earnings per share) performance indices.

Organizational-behavior concept has gotten integrated into the management system of one of the most valuable factors of production that is defined as labor/ human effort. It is usually a dedication towards understanding, analysing, and then ultimately the significant impact gets geared towards improving the attitudes and behaviors of and groups in organizations (Voorde, 2009). The two primary outcomes of interest to the business are job performance and organizational commitment (Yusuf and Metiboba, 2012). One of the major worker’s mechanisms in organizational behavior is job satisfaction.

Employee attitude is an important idea especially when restructuring small businesses for growth and efficiency. Given the different research on this theory and implications deduced from them regarding the role of personal or occupational attitudes on the overall organization performance, it is important to disentangle the causal direction issue.


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