ENG 121: Why free health care will not work in the U.S.

ENG 121: Why free health care will not work in the U.S.

Synthesis Assignment (Argument with Sources)

ENG 121 (Module 4)

The fourth and final essay in ENG 121 focuses on the synthesis of multiple sources to support an argument

on a topic of your choice. For this assignment (800-1,200 words), you will write an argument paper

utilizing all of the skills learned over the course of the semester including summarizing, evaluation,

rhetorical analysis, and MLA style documentation. Students will select an approved topic that aligns with

the semester’s theme and will make a claim supported in an extended argument. A revision of your

argument with sources will be included in the final student portfolio.

STEP 1: Prepare by reading the following sections under Research: Finding Credible Sources & Using a

Library Database (OER textbook): Finding Quality Texts and Listening to Sources, Talking to Sources.

Also, read Research: Finding Credible Sources & Using a Library Database (OER Textbook); Writing:

Patterns of Organization and Methods of Development; Organizing Your Writing; Research Writing and

Argument (OER Textbook); and The Research Process: Annotated Bibliographies (OER Textbook). Note:

If you are using Little Seagull, you can read R-1a (Considering the Context for Your Research), R-1b

(Choosing a Topic, Narrowing Its Focus), R-1c (Posing a Research Question, Drafting a Tentative Thesis),

R-1d (Finding Appropriate Sources), R-1e (Searching Electronically), R-1f (Reference Work), R-1g

(Searching the Library Catalog for Books), R-1h (Searching Indexes and Databases for Periodicals), and

R-1i (Searching the Web), pp. 90-100; W-14 (Annotated Bibliography), pp. 74-78; and W-7 (Arguments),

pp. 43-48.

STEP 2: Choose a topic for your essay. Remember, you will be writing a 800-1,200 word paper and will

need enough supporting documentation to present your position. It is in your best interest to settle on a

topic you already have some familiarity with. Do any of the topics touched upon in your other assignments

work as supports for the topic you’ve chosen for this paper? Even though this is my recommendation for

approaching this assignment, you could also broach a topic that you haven’t yet explored in this course.

There are plenty of topics to choose from; just make sure it’s something you are passionate about. Having a solid opinion about your subject of choice is key in presenting a compelling argument.


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