English 101 Essay 3: Gathering and Discussing Sources

English 101 Essay 3: Gathering and Discussing Sources

Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you improve your research skills to help explore a

conversation, practice managing and making connections between multiple sources, and learn to

use and integrate appropriate, correctly-cited reference materials in order to clarify your

understanding of the complexity of an argument. We are working on all the student learning

outcomes skills in this assignment.

Assignment: For this research essay, first select one of the articles posted under Course

Readings (your “main text”) that discusses a topic or issue you would like to learn more about.

Then you will select and incorporate into an essay of three or more (3+) pages at least THREE

(3) outside sources that adds to the conversation about one of the assertions advanced in this

main text. The essay should be focused on and discuss not only the research and its connection to

the main text, but also how the research affects your understanding of the main text.

As your main text, you should choose either one of the articles we are reading together in

class OR one of the optional readings from the Course Readings about college, gender, fake

news, economic insecurity, race and bias, food issues, or immigration concerns.

The outside texts should come from a variety of sources. These sources may include credible,

reliable, relevant material from the Internet, books, scholarly articles, films/videos, interviews,

etc., but at least ONE of the THREE (1/3) sources must be from the college library (a print

book, ebook, or article from the databases). You must make sure that the outside sources you

select connect with claims found in your main text, but they can relate to it in different ways to

add to the conversation. In your discussion, specify for each source whether they illustrate,

clarify, extend, complicate, or challenge the issue in the main text.

Your annotated bibliography project, which is due before we start drafting essay 3, will

help you start thinking about what research to include and how you will connect it to your

main text. (That project’s assignment is in a separate document.)

Criteria for Evaluation

Successful papers will:

1. Introduce your topic, the essay you’re writing about, and give some indication of how the

paper will proceed;

2. describe your main text’s argument, claims, audience, purpose, and how he/she supports

the argument as well as any notable strategies used;

3. smoothly integrate information and evidence in MLA format from at least three outside

sources and explain how each helps illustrate, clarify, extend, complicate, or challenge

arguments found in your primary text (part 2);

4. discuss the significance of this research—in what way is your understanding of the main

text illuminated as a result of researching into its context or opposing views?

5. use an effective academic essay structure that carefully guides the reader from one idea to

the next;

6. be thoroughly edited so that sentences are readable and appropriate for a college-level


7. include a properly-formatted MLA works cited page.

Worth 150 total points

o Rough Draft 1 (introduction + main text introduction) = 15 points

o Rough Draft 2 (introduction + main text introduction + 2 source body

paragraphs + works cited entries) = 15 points

o Final Essay = 120 points


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