Environmental Pollution: Pesticides Use and Associated Concerns

Environmental Pollution: Pesticides Use and Associated Concerns

This response should be 3 pages long and MLA formatted. This response should contain a thesis, quotes to support the thesis and should have a “shape” that is held together by the ideas of the writer and the ideas of the text.

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Paragraph 2 –  (the thesis)

Paragraph 3 – (idea #1)

Paragraph 4 –  (idea #2)

Paragraph 5 – (idea #3)

Paragraph 6 – Tying ideas together. This is a place to revisit your thesis and introduction. Make sure that you have convinced your audience of the validity of your argument.

Paragraphs 2-5 can be used as places to share your own connections with the text and as places to use the text to support your own ideas. As academic writers you are becoming textual experts therefore you should use the text to:

  • Support
  • Define
  • Clarify
  • Argue
  • Prove
  • Disprove
  • Illustrate

Using quotes as a foundation to your own ideas will strengthen your ideas. Remember to use quotes not to retell something that you have already said but rather use the text to meet your own needs. Think about why you chose that particular sentence or word and put it in quotes. Use quotes wisely and make them count. The majority of your essay should be your own words and ideas…the authors’ words come second to your own. As a general rule, a paragraph is made up of 7-10 sentences. A paragraph should not contain more than one quote or several small quotes. Try not to use quotes in the introduction or as a first or last sentence of a paragraph. Familiarize yourself with MLA rules for citation and use of quotation.

Over the years, the life forms on earth that is both the flora and fauna have been molded by the surroundings, and it is only recently that the opposite effect has been shown to occur. It is only within the present scientific generation that the man has gained significant power to alter the nature and life-forms within it. One of the immense ‘powers’ which man has altered the environment with is the contamination of the atmosphere, soils and land and sea water bodies. It has been through deposition of lethal materials and irreversible damage to the environment, and living tissues has already happened.

The intended purpose of using these chemicals especially pesticides was to alleviate human problems by increasing food production for a growing population and fighting disease especially the insect transmitted. However, even with a clearly good intention the means of obtaining it by contaminating human’s surroundings with these chemicals has brought death, and this accompanies humans in modern life (Carson 422).


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