Evaluation of an Organization’s Learning and Development practice – Royal Bank of Scotland

Evaluation of an Organization’s Learning and Development practice – Royal Bank of Scotland

Learning Outcomes

This assignment assesses ALL the learning outcomes identified in

the unit descriptor:

Assessment Requirement:

In order to fully understand the practical application of the concepts studied in this

unit, this assignment requires your group to visit an organisation of your choice,

critically assess an aspect of their L &D activities and suggest improvements.


Report Title: Critically evaluate the L & D activities of your chosen

organisation, compare them to best practice and theoretical models and

suggest improvements.

Write a 4,000 word report to the Head of HRM including the following


 Introduction to the study

 Literature Review

 Research Findings

 Analysis of the Findings

 Conclusions

 Recommendations for improvement

 Bibliography

There is both individual and group responsibility for this report as agreed

with the tutor and marks will be assigned accordingly.

Here is the recommended books

Bratton, J., & Gold, J., (2007) Human Resource Management, Theory and Practice,

Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.

Gibbs,S., (2002) Learning and Development: Process, practices and perspectives at

work, Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.

Harrison, R., (2009) Learning and Development, 5 rd Ed, London, CIPD.

Lynton, R.P., (2000) Training for Organisational Transformation, London, Sage.

Mayo, A., (2004) Creating a Learning and Development Strategy, London CIPD.

Joy-Matthews J, D Megginson and M Surtees .,(2004). Human Resource

development. 3rd Ed, London , Kogan Page,

Reid, M.A, & Barrington, H., and Brown, M. (2004) Human Resource Development :

Beyond training interventions, 3 rd . London, CIPD.

Sadler-Smith, E., (2006) Learning and Development for Managers: perspectives from

research and practice, Blackwell

Siddons, S., (2001) Developing Your People, London, CIPD.

Stewart, J ., & Rigg, C., (2011) Learning and Talent Development, London, CIPD

Learning and Development


Where to start

This should start with you analysing the assignment brief. You should ensure

you have a good understanding of what is required and seek clarification if

necessary. Your understanding should suggest:

 How you should approach the task

 Some ideas for your research strategy, literature search and review ideas

Assignment report

Your assignment report should contain the following sections.

Title Page

This should identify the University, course title, your name and date of


Contents page

A list of section titles and page numbers

Sub-headings may be inset under the appropriate section title

Executive Summary

The executive summary should summarise the whole report. It should inform

the reader of the initial problem, the context in which the problem is set, your

approach to the investigation, précis the main findings, conclusions and

recommendations. Ideally, this will not take up more than one side of A4.

This is written last.


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