Examine the content and message of the film Spotlight.

Analysis of the film Spotlight: Write an 800-1200-word essay that critically examines the content and message of the film Spotlight. Keep in mind that a critical analysis is not a movie review. What’s the difference? A critical analysis is more complex than a movie review. A critical analysis interprets and evaluates the content of a film, its place in history and its probable effect on viewers. A movie review documents the reception of the film at the time of its release and places more emphasis on recommendation than analysis.

A critical analysis essay 1) makes a clear claim (states a thesis), and 2) supports that claim with evidence. In this case, “evidence’ would include scene descriptions and quotes from the film, facts or research about the film, or facts and research about the era in which the film takes place or was made. In the process of making the claim and supporting the claim, the analysis should describe the film/characters


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