Existential Intervention Strategies – Psychotherapies

Existential Intervention Strategies – Psychotherapies

After reviewing the assigned readings for this Module, specifically chapter 6 from Cappuzzi & Stauffer (2016), and Bozarth, J.D. & Moon, K. (2008).  Client-centered therapy and the gender issue. Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies, 7(2), 110-119.( Please use these as the two resources)
 please address the following:
•	Identify and illustrate three existential intervention strategies that you can use in your counseling sessions with clients.
•	Conduct a self-analysis about how your personal history, attitudes, beliefs and biases can affect the counseling process using this theoretical orientation.
Existential Intervention Strategies POCO
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Existential psychotherapies encompass the utilization of different approaches to conceptualize case management goals, intervention strategies, and research techniques. Notably, the primary characteristic of these interventions is the focus on comprehending human experience, and the prioritization of the client over their symptoms (Bozarth & Moon, 2008). By focusing on the client, the psychologist helps them to increase self-awareness and self-understanding, which manifests as a higher capacity to make authentic, constructive, and self-directed life choices. 
The major existential intervention strategies are:
1.	Focusing on techniques to help clients embrace freedom and responsibility.
However, these factors do not rely on specific methods or procedures, hence the reliance on the psychologist’s competence to engage the client genuinely. According to Bozarth & Moon (2008), therapist-client engagement encompasses aspects such as empathy, reflective listening, and encouragement of effect.
All these aspects are easily influenced by the therapist’s personal history, attitudes, beliefs, and biases, hence the overall capacity to affect the counseling process when using existential strategies.


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