Explain how the condition “satisficing” comes about in public policymaking

Explain how the condition “satisficing” comes about in public policymaking

Write a 2 page paper explaining the significance of Herbert Simon’s contributions to

organizational theory. Include in your paper the following:

a. Explain how the condition “satisficing” comes about in public policymaking.

b. Explain “satisficing” in the context of your own work experience.

Herbert Simon is an organization theorist who invented the word “satisficing” in his theory of bounded rationality. Simon criticized the rational choice theory which suggests that people choose the option that is best to attain their goals. Moreover, when faced with many options, people select the one that is likely to provide the best outcome (Prabha et al., 2007). Simon claims that it is not possible to achieve any level of rationality due to the great number of alter natives that need to be explored and the amount of information that must be evaluated (Shafritz, Russell, & Borick, 2015). According to Simon, people are unable to make perfectly rational decisions due to the difficulty of getting all the information required to do so. Satisficing refers to a decision-making approach that seeks an adequate or satisfactory result instead of the optimal solution (Shafritz et al., 2015). The reason that people accept the adequate result is because aspiring for the optimal solution requires unnecessary use of energy, time and resources. In public policymaking, decision-makers choose the first option that addresses most needs instead of seeking the optimal solution. Thus, instead of maximizing, people satisfice (Shafritz et al., 2015).

Simon has made significant contributions to organizational theory. He was more influential than all the other neoclassical organization theorists. Simon was the first analyst to distinguish between organizational decisions that are programmed and un-programmed. He emphasized that the distinction was important for management information systems. He was also the first to seriously dispute the principles approach put forward by theorists such as Fayol and Gulick (Shafritz et al., 2015). He also came up with the concept of satisficing and the bounded rationality theory. Simon was also a pioneer in the development of the science of enhanced organizational decision making using quantitative methods such as computer technology and operations research. Moreover, he was a leader in examining the processes by which decisions are made in administrative organizations (Shafritz et al., 2015). Thus, Simon made momentous contributions to organizational theory.


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