Explain the basic intent of consumer driven health care

Explain the basic intent of consumer driven health care

Paper in which you discuss Consumer Driven Health Care (CDHC) in the
following scenario:

Suppose that you are a health care provider. Over a lengthy dinner
conversation, a person across the table argues that patients do not
receive good medical care if they don’t have much money.

A) First explain the basic intent of consumer driven health care (i.e.
medical consumerism) to that person in your own words (one paragraph

B) Identify at least one argument against CDHC. Find and analyze
information from scholarly sources to defend this position.

C) Based on your own research, summarize how the National Health Care
plan recently adopted by Congress will impact CDHC.

Consumer-driven health care is a three-level health insurance plan that enables

members to directly pay their routine health care costs through medical payment

products such as Health Reimbursement Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. The

first tier is a savings account, the second is out-of-pocket payments and the third is an

insurance plan. The members are protected from devastating medical expenses by a

high-deductible health plan. These high-deductible policies are cheaper. The members

use a pre-funded spending account to pay their routine medical dues using debit cards

which insurance or bank plans provide. When there is no longer any balance in the

account, the members are expected to pay their dues as in a regular deductible. Any

balance that is left unused is kept at the end of the year for future expenses investment

or to increase future balances. In this health care system, the patients have more

control over their health budgets because the payment of routine claims is done using

accounts that are consumer-controlled as opposed to fixed health insurance benefits.

The consumers have the power to make decisions about the type of healthcare that is

administered to them. Consumer-driven healthcare plan gives the patients the power to

control their healthcare costs, and therefore, they are able to avoid spending on low-

value and unnecessary health (Yi, 2010).


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