Explain the doctrine of reception of English law and its application in Australia

Explain the doctrine of reception of English law and its application in Australia



Value: The assignment is worth 15 marks (15% of the total marks for the unit).

Each question is worth 7.5 marks.

Word limit: The total length of the assignment should be no more than 1,000 words,

a penalty may be imposed on those who exceed this limit.

Question 1 (worth 7.5 marks)

Explain the doctrine of reception of English law and its application in Australia. In

your discussion, include an example of how it operated in relation to land law in the

colony of NSW.

Question 2 (worth 7.5 marks)

In Mabo No 2 (1992) 175 CLR 1, Brennan J noted that the doctrine of tenures was

an essential principle of our land law in NSW. Explain the doctrine and whether you

think it is still relevant to contemporary discussions on land law in Australia.

You should support each answer with references to cases, legislation and/or the




The following formatting requirements should be followed. Do not manipulate the

margins of the page.

 Conform to a standard size and type of font such as 11.5-12 point fonts in Calibri

or Arial.

 Ensure your full name and student number appears on the footer of each page.

 Number all pages consecutively.

 Students must use ‘pinpoint’ referencing – this requires the actual page number of

a source to be provided when you make use of support material. The referencing

system referred to in the Learning Guide, the Melbourne University Law Review,

Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition, 2010) (‘the AGLC’)is the preferred

referencing system. A quick reference to the AGLC is available at


 No bibliography is required.

The unit coordinator reserves the right to refuse to mark assignments that are not

submitted in accordance with requirements above.

Electronic submission/Turnitin

Students are required to keep a hard copy and electronic copy of all written work

which is submitted. The assignment must be submitted electronically via the Land

Law Assignment Turnitin link on the vUWS site for this unit. A Turnitin Instruction

Manual will be posted on vUWS to assist you with submission if you have not used

Turnitin before.

Assignment Cover Sheet

Please do NOT affix an Assignment Cover Sheet to your assignment. By uploading

a submission into Turnitin you certify that:

(1) you hold a copy of the assignment if the original is lost or damages;

(2) no part of this assignment or product has been copied from any other student’s

work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the


(3) no part of the assignment/product has been written/produced for the student by

any other person except where collaboration has been authorised by the unit lecturer

concerned; and

(4) you are aware that this work may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism

detection software programs for the purpose of detecting possible plagiarism which

may retain a copy on its database for future plagiarism checking).


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